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A Call For Papers

The Future of Customer Experience Marketing in Nigeria
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We call for theoretical and empirical research papers from academic researchers and experience (case-study) and position papers from practitioners in the field of experiential, events, digital, promotional marketing, customer experience as well as other relevant aspects of brand marketing that will help to catalogue our understanding of the conceptualisation, practice as well as methodological challenges that have arisen as a result of the changing Nigerian and West African marketing landscape.

Our aim is to promote the beginning of a greater level of intellectual discourse and collaboration between practitioners and academics in the field of customer experience and experiential engagement in Nigeria. We also seek to rethink the understanding of classical theories, and their application to the Nigerian and African context by applying theories rarely used to understand customer engagement in consumer research, and by shedding light on emergent theories grounded in nascent empirical phenomena.

Abstracts of no more than 500 hundred words are welcome for consideration into two categories:


Full Research Papers

A research paper is a manuscript that the author(s) submit for academic peer review. Research papers will present integrative reviews or original reports of substantive new work: theoretical, empirical, and/or in the design, development and/or deployment of novel concepts, systems, and mechanisms.


Research papers will be peer-reviewed by two independent reviewers drawn from business schools/marketing departments both in Nigeria and internationally. It is expected that they will meet rigorous academic standards comparable to a two-star academic journal of publication. Papers will be reviewed for relevance, conceptual quality, innovation and clarity of presentation.


A full research paper shall be limited to no more than 4000 words (excluding abstract and references) 

All accepted research papers will be published in an open-access post-conference monograph which will be ascribed an ISBN number.


Accepted author(s) will either have to sign a copyright transfer agreement to ExperientialNG (Monograph Publishers) or they can choose to pay for the open access option. 

Full Practitioner Papers/ Experience Reports

A practitioner paper or Experience report (such as detailed case studies) is a very eagerly welcomed part of the conference proceedings. Experience reports are not research papers; their goal is to present experience and reflections on a particular case, and they are reviewed for usefulness, clarity and reflection. Strong experience reports discuss both benefits and drawbacks of the approaches used and clearly call out lessons learned. Reports may focus on a particular aspect of technology usage and practice, or describe broad project experiences.

These we hope will provide invaluable opportunities for reflective practitioners to explore and showcase how ideas that sound good in theory actually work in real life. They provide a good opportunity for customer experience professionals to also influence the academic discourse and help provide marketing lecturers with useful empirical teaching case examples.

Full experience reports should be 5-10 pages long. Case studies may be presented as editable PowerPoint slides of between 5-10 pages long. (PDFs will not be accepted)

Accepted author(s) will either have to sign a copyright transfer agreement to ExperientialNG or they can choose to pay for the open access option.

Below is an illustrative and non-exhaustive list of suggested topics:

  • The History of Customer Experience Marketing in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Customer Experience Mapping

  • Event Marketing in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Brand Activation in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement in Nigeria/West Africa

  • The Role of Data and Technology

  • Experiential Marketing Measurement and Control

  • Multi-Sensory Marketing in Nigeria

  • Consumer Culture Theories and Practices in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Experiential Story-Telling Theories and Practices in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Culture, Religion and Customer Engagement in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Marketing Services and Agency Management in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Marketing to the Bottom Of the Pyramid Theory and Practices in Nigeria/West Africa

  • COVID-19 and the Challenges of Customer Engagement in Nigeria/West Africa

  • Social Marketing Theories and Practices in Nigeria/West Africa

Important Dates

  • Submission of Abstracts: 13 August 2020 

  • Notification of Shortlist: 1 September 2020

  • Submission of extended papers: 19 October. 2020 

  • Notification of acceptance/rejection: 16 November 2020  

  • Submission of revised versions: 21 December 2020  

  • Expected publication: 1 February 2021


Dr Rotimi Olaniyan- Nottingham Business School, Nottingham UK. 







A formatting template and style guide can be found HERE

Please make both your Abstract and subsequent paper submissions HERE


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